While I enjoy books of all kinds, I prefer books that promote diversity and or multiculturalism.
Hero - Perry Moore I will admit. This book lacked alot, but it also had great points to it too.Let me start from the beginning. This book follows the exploits of a teenage boy who's father was once a great superhero. In fact, in their universe, superheroes provide the highest point of justice there is. His father despises superheroes(especially those born with superpowers) due to an event in his past, so Thom Creed(the main protagonist)fears two secrets he's hiding. He was born with superpowers,and also that he's gay.If you are a fan of comic book heroes,you will get more out of this books. Talk of costumes and flying and the use of super abilities may confuse someone or seem silly to someone not familiar with the superhero genre.These are my pros:While Im not gay,nor understand homosexuality completely, it was nice to see a gay man who didnt fit a stereotype. Im quite liberal, homosexuality doesnt bother me in fact. Bit as a female,i thought i wouldnt connect with the male to male love story, but it was pleasant. Im sure were all sick of too much romance,especially with heterosexual books. But this provided what most readers can handle with ANY type of romance. Not too much,but maybe not enough?Some of the characters had a bunch of depth back stories.(but not all,that will be in cons).Overall,for a light read,it did the job!Cons:I know we still live in a world where homosexuality is still criticized in the media, but i felt the author focused too much on how it was so wrong to be gay. Or how people viewed his homosexuality. I think alot of people may consider homosexuality a choice,but the same amount would also admit they dont mind homosexuality. That it's not a choice and that it's a something as simple as race. As a Afro-Cuban American, as much as I say race matters, in some ways it does not. So sexual preference is not a big issue to some people.It focused alot of one or two characters,but not every side character. That bothered me,because I would've liked to know the back stories on ALL the side characters. Not just some of them.It took a really long time to get interesting! When I got half in,I noticed it got interesting,but the first half, made me put it down and not pick it back up for a few weeks. In fact I read 5 books in between putting it down, and they were all much longer!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But overall it's a decent book. I wish the author hadnt died,I would've liked reading a sequel. I heard on was started. I hope this is the start of many books where sexuality OR race doesnt matter!

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